Getting Good Student Loan Advice

Getting Good Student Loan Advice

by Kevin Ree

💬 Your friend said WHAT??!!!
“Don’t pay, wait for loan forgiveness.”
“You’re not working, get your loan discharged!”
“Just drop out and they’ll refund the loan.”
“Ignore it, nothing will happen, it’ll go away.” 🤨

Student loans can get confusing super fast by following wrong advice from wrong sources. Well intentioned, but bad advice can be mega co$tly too. The loan experience of friends/family might not be your loan reality, so before taking action, verify advice and plans with your LOAN SERVICER. Go to the RIGHT SOURCE for the RIGHT ADVICE.

Maybe that cousin of the coworker of your sister’s boyfriend knows their stuff… but, MAYBE they don’t. 🤔 After all, it’s YOU that the inflated interest, negative credit ratings, the default, the collections attempts, the wage and tax garnishment and future loan rejections will follow… not them. Trust but verify.

 Don’t know who your servicer is? Go here:

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