10 Things to Ditch to Promote Inner Peace

10 Things to Ditch to Promote Inner Peace

by Kevin Ree

Inner peace, mindfulness, clarity, calmness, a reduction in stress – these are ongoing quests for many of us.  Without a full life overhaul (not practical), these ten life adjustments (practical), will put you closer to finding fulfillment in your own state of bliss.

  1. Toxic Relationships – By limiting time with toxic people OR removing yourself from their lives, you’ll free up a lot of energy, time and emotion to spend with people who you share healthy and mutually beneficial relationships with.
  2. Excessive Self-blame – Of course, you’ll want to take accountability and learn from mistakes, but often, everything is not all your fault – this includes failed relationships.  Remember your lessons, apologize when needed, then move on.
  3. Happiness Chasing – Constant happiness is not sustainable.  Accepting this will help you appreciate the valuable self-growth opportunities presented in the low times.
  4. The Comfort Zone – Being stagnant will slowly wear you down.  Embracing change, facing fears, challenging yourself, these are staples to inner peace.  So, get comfortable with the uncomfortable. It’s in these times your keys to success are found.
  5. Victim Mindset – The world is not against you and your feelings and actions start with you. Within you is the power to decide how you feel, what you react to and how you see the world. Often what’s stopping you is: (drum roll please)… Y-O-U.
  6. Need to Impress – Impressing people will exhaust you, give others power over you and make you lose sight of your own values.  It’s your life… go impress yourself.
  7. Perfectionism – Moving your life forward through progress is obtainable, holding out for perfection is not. Progress can also be measured, good luck trying to measure perfection – the goal will always change. A great motto: Progress, not perfection.
  8. Grudges – Holding grudges can turn you into a negative, bitter and angry person AKA: toxic (see #1). To promote inner peace, forgive others (and yourself), then move your energy to better uses.
  9. Materialism – We all want to enjoy nice things… but be mindful that this enjoyment is fleeting, and possessions won’t translate into long-term happiness.
  10. Going It Alone – Handling everything on your own is an unnecessary uphill battle. Empower yourself by letting in help, guidance, wisdom and advice from others. It also reminds us that we’re all in this together and brings a sense of comfort.

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