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Three Types of Accountability

The Main Areas

There are three main areas of accountability that will shine a spotlight on areas of your life where accountability can be demonstrated. 

First are your actions and choices, then your responsibilities, and finally your goals.

Let’s break them down into short bullet statements that will help to identify areas where you can strengthen accountability in your own life.


The Three Types

• Your behavior or manners

• How you spend your time

• Ways you communicate with others

• Respects and considerations you show to others

• How you respond to challenges

• Your attitude or thoughts

• Being on time or early

• Keeping your workspace, home, or car clean

• Paying your bills on time

• Timely about returning calls, emails, or texts

• Keeping and sticking to your to-do list

• Reliability doing what you agreed to do

• Performing your job tasks at your highest level

• Career goals

• Personal goals

• Financial goals

• Fitness/ health goals

• Other goals (e.g., spiritual, mental wellness, travel)