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Fire Lifestyle Conclusion

The FIRE Lifestyle is a great method to help you achieve financial freedom.

The FIRE Lifestyle is a great method to help you achieve financial freedom.

Fire Lifestyle Key Points

1. Different variations, same goal. The FIRE Lifestyle and its variations exhibit the necessary lifestyle changes and actions needed to reach financial independence and retire early.

2. Simple concept. A key takeaway can be boiled down to “spend less, save more, and invest often.”

3. Self-accountability. In order to reach your goals, you must hold yourself accountable and repeatedly ensure that you are continually taking the necessary steps to make your financial goals a reality.

4. Adapt the method to suit your needs. Strict adherence to the FIRE Lifestyle is also not completely necessary. Many people will follow variations of the FIRE Lifestyle like the Barista FIRE or Coast FIRE because they don’t want to leave the working world completely, yet they want to have financial independence.

Starting FIRE, Next Steps Recap

1. Figure out your goals. Figure out what your retirement goals are and consider factors such as your income, savings, investments, and debts.

2. Pay off your debts. Make a plan to pay off your debts as fast as possible to avoid paying extra interest down the road.

3. Make and stick to a budget. This will help ensure you stay on track towards reaching your goals and will make you more aware of how to fix shortcomings in your savings plan.

4. Generate passive income. Work on small business ideas and other opportunities to create extra flows of cash.


This information was meant to provide a general overview of the FIRE movement as a whole. We encourage you to use what you have learned and the additional resource list below as a launching point to gain a deeper understanding of how to live a FIRE life.

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