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Achieving Your Credit Score Goal

What Is Your Goal?

In many different areas of our life, we tend to have many numbers that we strive to achieve.  In high school and college, that number may be a certain G.P.A., in sports, it may be that perfect 10 score, we also may be striving for a certain number in our bank account.

As adults, one of the most influential numbers that we need to strive for is that perfect 850 credit score.  That is not a number or score we get by studying and passing the test.  It is a complex number that has many outside influences.

Steps you can take to help you achieve the credit score you desire

Stay On Budget

Create and follow a budget

Never Be Late

Always pay your bills on time

Lower Your Usage

Keep your utilization ratio under 30%


Having different types of credit accounts will raise your score

Longevity Matters

Long term accounts raise your score

Don’t Over-apply

Minimize the number of hard inquiries

Remember, life costs more when your credit score is low!