Student Loan Repayment Pause Survey

We want to share your voice with lawmakers on Capitol Hill in April 2023!

For over 30 years, Champion has advocated for students on Capitol Hill. Starting mid-February 2023 we will return to visit with lawmakers to provide your input on the student loan system, forgiveness options, and how the payment pause has affected your life.

This quick survey will only take a few minutes of your time and could provide valuable insights to inspire lawmakers to take action.

Student Loan Repayment Pause Survey

During the three-year student loan repayment pause, I used my student loan payment money: (check at least one or multiple boxes)(Required)

I believe I can pay off my student loans in: (select one)(Required)

If the student loan forgiveness relief program does not pass, I will: (select one)(Required)

  • Lower, fixed interest
  • Loan forgiveness options
  • Better repayment options

I am confident I can make my student loan payments when payments resume. (select one)(Required)

I took out student loans and: (select one)(Required)