Making On the Mark Goals

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Setting a goal is easy but doing ALL the necessary steps to hit a goal bullseye is a bit more complicated.

You have probably heard that setting career, education, family or life goals is something that you should do. But how do you actually make a plan, follow through and not give up? What are all the pieces to consider? Working toward your goals can feel really good, but on the flip side, when you do your best and still over- or undershoot your target it can be troubling—especially if you told others about your plans. Consider that if you’ve never been taught how to hold a bow and arrow, your chances of hitting a bullseye on your first try aren’t good! To hit that target, explore some basics, and that is what we will provide you with in the Creating On the Mark Goals course.
Don’t worry! Even if you’ve never been successful with goal setting, stick with us because this course will teach you tricks to help you get focused, understand the goal setting process and achieve a level of success that you may not have previously experienced!

Course Outcomes

After completing this course you will have:
  • a better understanding of preliminary steps, plus the goal types and characteristics;
  • practice setting goals;
  • tools you can use to monitor and maintain your goals.