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Welcome to Our Financial Literacy Certificate Progam

Proudly Brought to You by AMCA

American Medical Certification Association (AMCA) and Champion Empowerment Institute have teamed up to provide you with an in-depth course on financial literacy.
In today’s job market, stand out by showing you are serious about your personal finance education. The Financial Literacy Certificate Program will round out any individual’s skills and make them an asset to any organization. This robust Financial Literacy Certificate Program is delivered in two parts:
Part 1 Financial Literacy Course: The content and material for this program is hosted on this Champion Empowerment Platform.
Part 2 Financial Literacy Assessment: The assessment for this program is hosted on AMCA’s platform. After you have finished reviewing the course content and material, you will need to come back to this platform to complete the assessment

Financial Literacy Certificate Program


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All content in this course was written and developed by Champion Empowerment Institute and may not be used in any format without written permission. AMCA offers this course to its students through an agreement with Champion Empowerment.

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