Health Insurance Coverage Guide

Rising medical care costs make health insurance a necessity because it provides access to care and protects against catastrophic financial loss. This course provides information on: The major elements of health insurance Differences between the type of plans Where to get coverage Important questions to consider How to accurately compare plans © Champion Empowerment Institute Read More

Financial Literacy Certificate Program

American Medical Certification Association (AMCA) and Champion Empowerment have teamed up to provide an in-depth course on financial literacy. In today's job market, stand out by showing you are serious about your personal finance education. The Financial Literacy Certificate Program will round out any individual’s skills and make them an asset to any organization. This Read More

Identity Theft

What exactly is identity theft?  Identity theft happens when someone gains unauthorized access to personal information and uses it to commit fraud or other crimes. Let's learn how to protect ourselves from mayhem. © 2020 Champion Empowerment Institute Compiled by CeCe Keeto on behalf of Champion Empowerment Institute Identity Theft COURSE CONTENT Please click on Read More

Credit Scores: A Guide to the Basics

When you learn what raises or lowers your credit score you will have an easier time reaching your financial goals! This course provides easy to understand information on: The basics of credit scores Credit score determining factors How to review your credit score The ways credit scores affect your life Achieving your credit score goals Read More

Taxes: Understanding the Three Most Common Types

While we may know the concept of taxes, do we know what taxes are designed to accomplish? Here we’ll learn what taxes are, how taxes are collected, and some of the uses for our tax dollars. © Champion Empowerment Institute Taxes—Understanding the Three Most Common Types COURSE CONTENT Please click on Taxes to get started!

Mobile Banking Basics

Our world has evolved to include technology to make our daily lives easier and convenient. If you have access to a smartphone, this gives you the ability to do many tasks with barely any effort. You can shop for food, clothing, and more within just a few taps on your screen. This ease also applies Read More

Insurance Basics

Insurance policies are designed to give you confidence that when accidents happen, your finances and legal burdens will be protected. This guide will provide you with the general knowledge you need to understand, research, and shop for insurance of many types including: Auto, homeowners, dental, life, critical illness, and disability insurance © Champion Empowerment Institute Read More

Managing Student Loan Repayment: A Guide to the Basics

Because student loan borrowers usually have little experience making financial decisions, they need to learn how to make and manage their repayment strategy. It’s so important because these decisions will affect your finances for decades! In this course you’ll learn: Repayment strategies and tips to minimize interest fees How to apply for deferments and forbearances Read More

FIRE Lifestyle

FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) is a movement designed to empower people to take charge of their finances and create a solid plan to retire early. This course provides: An introduction with tips on getting started Insights on creating your retirement goals Resources to help you reach your goals Information on variations of the FIRE Read More

Mortgages – An Overview

Great work! You're prequalified, you found your house, you put in an offer, the offer was accepted, but you're not done yet. Before move-in can start the closing process must be completed. Let's review what lies ahead during that process. Here we go! © Champion Empowerment Institute Mortgages—An Overview COURSE CONTENT This course is best Read More

The Guide to Preparing for Graduation

Before graduating from college, develop a plan for where you want to go. This course will help you come up with a roadmap for the future! You will learn about: Taking control of your professional and financial identities Planning on how student loan repayment will impact your budget Aiming for specific financial milestones and goals Read More

Pay for College Using Your Employee Benefits

Get leads on free college, tuition assistance, student loan repayment programs, research tips, and explore employer-funded education programs. In this course, you’ll: Learn about employer-funded education Explore how these programs work. Review the pros and cons of these programs Know what to beware of before making critical decisions Have research skills/tools to find employers offering these Read More

Subtracting Adds to Your Life

Have you ever headed down a path that felt more misguided with each step, but for some reason you continue on in spite of any warning signs? You could even have a conversation inside your mind with YOU, negotiating and arguing for various courses of action. Consider this—is adding things to your life in order Read More

Wisely Managing Your Circles of Competence In a Digital Age

Social media management is challenging! This article will introduce you to "circles of competence" and the relevance of applying an idea from the vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, Charlie Munger, when considering posts on social media. Next   

Creating On the Mark Goals

Setting career, education, family, or life goals may be easy but doing ALL the necessary steps to hit a goal bullseye is a bit more complicated. To ensure you hit your target, complete this course and you will have: A better understanding of goal types and characteristics Practice setting preliminary goals Tools to monitor and achieve Read More

Financial Literacy 101

Our financial literacy course has been created to help you understand the basics of finances and to help you develop or sharpen your skills. This course will provide you with the knowledge to: Make wise financial decisions Make a realistic budget and prioritize expenses Recognize the differences between good and bad loans Find the best Read More

Being Personally Accountable

Accountability allows you to be answerable for your efforts or actions and helps establish a foundation of trust and respect in your personal relationships and at work. This course provides: An understanding of how accountability applies to team building and productivity Tips for cultivating accountability in personal and team scenarios Details about the three types of Read More

Take Action

Our Take Action course provides a framework for turning ideas into reality. Explore a process for removing personal roadblocks that may be preventing you from realizing your dreams! After completing this course you will be able to: Describe what it means to take action Have practice developing your action plan Begin to cultivate a take Read More