Savings Accounts: Why Are They Important?

Learning how to saving money is a basic foundational element to achieving financial success and stability. However, for most people, the thought of opening a savings account can bring up

FIRE Lifestyle

The FIRE Lifestyle is a movement designed to empower people to take charge of their finances and create a solid plan to retire early. 2020 Champion Empowerment Institute Compiled by

The Guide to Preparing for Graduation

In the months leading up to graduating from college, develop a plan for where you want to go after you get out. Unlike formal education, there is no set path

Making On the Mark Goals

Access to this content requires a subscription. Log in Subscribe Setting a goal is easy but doing ALL the necessary steps to hit a goal bullseye is a bit more

Financial Literacy 101

This financial literacy course has been developed to help you understand the basics of managing your finances so you can start developing or sharpening your skills. © 2016 Champion Empowerment