Announcing Our Pay for College Using Your Employee Benefits Life Skills Course

The current low unemployment rate combined with the tricky proposition of attracting millennials has inspired to employers to devise exceptionally competitive and creative benefit packages. Some programs include the perks of your employer paying some of your student loan payments. That is GREAT NEWS!

Over the last decade the trend of redesigning benefit packages has given employers better recruiting tools.

These new programs offer inventive benefits; for example:

  1. Breast-milk shipping for traveling moms
  2. Up to $5,000 in employer-provided adoption assistance
  3. Extended paid leave for new parents
  4. Subsidized childcare
  5. Pawternity benefits (bereavement leave, new puppy leave, adoption fee reimbursements and pet insurance)
  6. Student loan repayment benefits

Those benefits are great news for everyone! At Champion Empowerment, our focus is on life skills, and we want to teach our subscribers more about what human resource departments call Financial Wellness Benefits. In our new life skills course Paying for College Using Your Employee Benefits we target programs related to funding postsecondary education.

Whether you are getting ready to start college or have already graduated with student loan debt, this course helpful because we give you the ins and outs of how these benefit programs work. We go deep by exploring the pros and cons of 30 different employer-sponsored free college, tuition assistance and student loan repayment programs. We also have a tutorial with tips on doing your own research, plus use the leads on 110 employers offering these types of benefits to find a great job that helps pay for college!

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