Financial Literacy Month

Financial Literacy Month

by Kevin Ree

Welcome to National Financial Literacy Month 2018!!

This month Champion Empowerment Institute will provide daily tips, motivation and even some prizes (stay glued) to inspire you on making the financial decisions that empower you in 2018 and BEYOND. And away… we… GO:

Financial Literacy Month
Day 1: Money Positive Attitude (ea$e up on your$elf)

Yep, today is April 1 and with all the jokes to have, your view on money shouldn’t be one. Besides, we all know money is a tool and proper use of this tool includes:

  1. Creating the outlook (feel it)
  2. Expanding awareness (notice it)
  3.  Increasing knowledge (learn it)
  4. . Taking action (do it)

All the info we share this month won’t matter on a money mindset that is full of negativity, stress or fear. Yes, learn from and remember your past financial mistakes… but move on from all the woulda-coulda-shouldas and focus on THE NEW.

This month is your NEW START to reset your outlook on your financial future. Forgive yourself and let go of toxic thoughts towards money and simply try some of the tips this month. Notice how amazing it can feel when you rethink and redefine your attitude on anything.

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